Google Cast: cast-receiver-list


Introducing cast-receiver-list

I’ve been playing around with the Google Cast API a little bit, specifically the Chrome Sender API.

One thing any application will have in common is retrieving the list of available senders and displaying them for the user to select from. As I was playing with the API I decided to extract the code out into a module and make it available for others to use.

In the beginning I was using jQuery for DOM manipulation, so the first incaranation of the plugin uses jQuery. Since then I started playing with AngularJS, having had only a little bit of experience with it. So I thought it would be interesting to build a plugin for it as well.

Here’s the project page. Currently, there’s only a very brief example of how to use the plugins and both still need lots of work. They’re mostly there for a POC and as some sample code to get started with the Chrome Sender API.