HSQLDB with Hibernate: User lacks privilege or object not found


I’m currently working to add unit tests to a project which currently has no tests for its database query layer. Normally I wouldn’t worry too much, but there are some nasty queries that have cropped up over the years that could benefit from some testing.

This project uses Hibernate and the custom queries are written mainly in some MySQL-specific language. Part of the problem with adding tests has been that the hbm2ddl tool hasn’t been able to reliably generate the database schema due to some strange approaches to ID generation and other MySQL-specific code.

I’ve managed to get the hbm2ddl operation running somewhat and am tackling issues as they arise. After getting some basic tests to run, I decided to go after one of the methods using custom SQL (in Hibernate lingo, createSQLQuery). One issue that took a while to figure out was this join syntax:

JOIN TableB b USING (tableId)

Even though TABLEA and TABLEB both have the tableId column, I was getting “User lacks privilege or object not found: TABLEB.TABLEID”. Changing to this syntax solved the problem:

JOIN TableB b USING (a.tableId = b.tableId)