Hangouts Screen Share in Full Screen


Edit: I came across this extension which I assume accomplishes something similar, nice.

So I was messing around in a Hangouts session today trying to increase the other user’s screen share size, and I noticed a few HTML elements that controlled the size. I discovered that you can easily resize the video feed.

The best approach would be an extension to handle finding the proper elements and also hooking into some events, but a simple PoC can be seen below:

var leftId = ':v8.Sh';
var sizeIds = [leftId, ':v8.Wh', ':v8.Xh', ':v8.Th'];
var height = window.innerHeight + 'px';
var width = window.innerWidth + 'px';

function resize(id) {
    var el = document.getElementById(id); = width; = height;

function shift(id) {
    var el = document.getElementById(id); = '0px';